2 years ago
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where can i find niche scholarships with less competition?

i know there are scholarships provided locally and ones that are for specific people from specific backgrounds, but how do i find them and how do i know they are legit? i assume that if they are listed on a website they are definitely more popular which means more competition,,


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2 years ago[edited]

You should check your state's website. My state (Maryland) offers a lot of grants and scholarships if you are a Maryland resident going to a Maryland college (private or public). We also have grants that are given out by our state senator and state delegate. I am sure other states have the same or similar. When you do the FAFSA, it will automatically put you for the state scholarships. You usually have to put in a separate application for the state or delegate grant. I would think most states have the same opportunities. One more thing, the earlier you apply, the better chance you have.

2 years ago

Though scholarships listed online will be more competitive, the small awards for niche applicants are still worth applying to. These scholarships do not entice many applicants because most people prefer to apply to larger scholarships, e.g. the hyper competitive Coca Cola Scholars Program. Additionally, they are often niche enough to exclude most of the population, creating a small applicant pool and thus higher acceptance rates.

With that said, here are some ways to find scholarships offline:

- Check local newspapers

- Take a look at the billboards in churches, laundromats, and gas stations (Sheetz often has them)

- Go to the websites of niche professional organizations and non-profits

- Look into the scholarships offered by your state and municipal governments

Hope this helps!

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