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I really don’t know for sure what I want to do, however I am leaning towards phycology, I am taking AP this year (my senior year) though any career involving helping people of all ages especially youth and that pays some what decent is fine to me. However the real thing I am wondering is if there’s any jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, or more then one of the above that I can do that can help me see if Phycology or any career along that line would be a fit for me. If anyone knows of anything I could look at please let me know. Thanks!


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2 years ago

Hey Eric,

I have some recommendations for volunteer opportunities that can be done in-person or virtually. Unfortunately, I do not have any recommendations related to your field.

1. You Can Attack Poverty: an organization that is in need of volunteers to overcome poverty in regions near you. This is an in-person volunteering opportunity for high schoolers. I volunteered at one of the program's schools and the organization was really helpful and committed. They also gave me a reference in case of future jobs/service.

2. Do Something.Org - This is a virtual organization that gives you volunteering hours as a part of the work you do. The website is fairly simple and straightforward and I myself have volunteered there. Since the organization is popular, the volunteering hours would look good on your college resume!

3. TurnUp Activism - This is yet another virtual organization, however, it promotes the need of interns to spread awareness to students about activism and engage with other students. Although, my ambition is to be an engineer, I tried doing the internship and to me learning new things was a remarkable accomplishment which really helped me understand the politics around the U.S. and the impact of youth in them.

4. Plexuss Writing Internship - If you're a good writer, then this writing internship might be excellent for you. The website is looking for high school students to create content for their website. Find more info here: https://plexuss.com/internship-opportunities/content-writing-internship

Bonus: My mom is a psychiatrist nurse and I know your ambition is somewhere along the lines. After asking her for any internship suggestions, she told me that researching at companies like UT Health will certainly help you gain internships. This way you can get a first-hand experience of work you want to do in the future.

That's some internship & volunteering opportunities I got for you. I apologize if these weren't the things you were looking for. (Cause trust me, I also looked for so many internships and researching led me to these). However, I really hope you find the internships/jobs you're looking for!

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