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Applying to Scholarships without Knowing what College I'm Going to Yet?

Hello everyone, my question is essentially what I wrote in the subject line. Almost all of the scholarships I have found so far have asked me what college I plan on attending for the 2023-24 academic year, and that they would just send the money + information straight to the college. But, as a high school senior, I still have not heard back from a lot of schools so I am not yet sure where I want to go. I know that there is probably a work-around, I just wanted to ask before I made a mistake with something.

Thank you!

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If the scholarship applications have a text box in the part where they ask you about your college plans, you can write that you are still waiting for college decisions. You can also say that it might take until May 1st (the last day to accept an admission offer and pay the deposit) for you to know exactly which college you will be attending. If there is no space to explain this context, you can put it in an additional information section or send an email to the scholarship organization. Hope this helps!

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