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Paying for College

I am beyond lost with trying to find a way to enroll my 17 year old daughter into college

I am lost from start to action ..I am not financially stable enough to afford college for one thing. Secondly, I sought out a college that was local to our residence - located University of Delaware.. because one of the avenues my daughter expressed an interest in was Psychology and this college was shown as offering a degree in that endeavor. Next thing I know, I'm on a page asking me specifics about ranking and grade point averages and SAT's and PSAT scores for which I know nothing at this time of the evening until I partner back up with my daughter but I was trying to get through the initial process so as to reach out to someone for some guidance. I was not privileged enough to get assistance to go to college when I was in high school, I got called to the guidance counselors office thinking this was going to be a progressive forward movement for my future because I truly wanted to go to college.. instead, I got told, you are not able to get any financial assistance because your father works at Boeing .. I left disgusted. My father wasn't even making 40K a year supporting a family of 6 .. I was so cheated out of justice.. So I'm sorry to bring all this up .. but I have struggled to provide living below poverty level income for decades. I want better for my child. I need help I need guidance and I cannot afford to hire an advisor. From start to finish reaching a goal shouldn't be so stressing.

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I highly recommend looking into community college as your daughter's first step to a college education. Earning an Associate's degree at a CC can be a low-cost or even free way to complete the first two years of college. Once your daughter graduates from CC, she can then apply to the majority of universities out there, including the University of Delaware. Even if you do not receive an ideal amount of financial aid, paying for two years of college is easier than paying for four.

Depending on your family's income, your daughter may be eligible for programs that can help her with the application process. An example of one of these programs is QuestBridge. Please also feel free to reach out to advisors on CollegeVine, including myself. Many of us will give some free or reduced cost help to people who send us a message.

Hope this helps!

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