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Paying for College

Doubt on applying via common app to CU denver

Hi there, I'm an international student applying to fall term at CU Denver. Via common app. There's a question asking on how do I expect to pay my college expenses with only two options - (1) govt or sponsoring org (2) myself or my family.

But I am looking forward to pay via the scholarships received at CU Denver. Can somebody plz tell me what option should i choose OR whether it is possible to get a full ride at CU Denver. NOTE: above the question stated on common app there's a para saying that In order to apply for a U.S. student visa, you must provide evidence of your ability to pay for one year of educational and personal expenses (“cost of attendance”).


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Hey Athifas,

I am not entirely sure I did some research but nothing came out. I would say to since you and your family are going to have to pay regardless the amount, the second box is the one you should probably tick. Government sponsorhips are, from my understanding, only available with the FASFA, which is a form only available for Americans. I cannot give you a more developped answer but I would highly recommend further researches on that matter because once you chose you might not be able to change your answer.

Regarding getting a full ride, thse scholarships are often given to athletes. They can still be awarded to students but I believe it is less likely to happen. Nonetheless there are plenty of scholarships options to choose from that will get you almost the same result.

Best of luck for your application.

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