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Will winning an art scholarship prohibit my chances in a science school?

I’m a junior going into my senior year and I am pretty good at drawing, it’s what I love to do. But, I’m a bit nervous on applications when I say I win an art scholarship. I love art but i know it’s not a suitable job for me. Hence why I like science. But will me winning and only applying for art scholarships prohibit me from getting into a science school? Like will science based schools disregard me just because I only win art scholarships ? I want to guarantee the BEST application for my school.

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10 months ago

From what I understand from your question, not at all.

STEM fields are now kinda STEAM, they appreciate Art in the creative process. If you can talk about how your journey with art inspired you to pursue the STEM path without being negative about either field, you would be good to go. Though if you want to have a stronger application, maybe try some creative sciences like robotics or physics (I'm biased). Find out what excites you! Don't follow strangers' advice to a tee if you have no interest in it. Hope that helped!

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