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Financial Aid for International Students

While CollegeVine has a very useful list of colleges that promise 100% scholarship coverage for students in need, do those same rules apply to international applicants? If not, then what are the colleges that provide full tuition coverage for international students?

Follow-up question: What is a good financial aid calculator to use if you are an international student? All the ones I've seen so far only apply to US residents.

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11 months ago

This is from my personal experience preparing to apply to my list of US colleges.

The Collegevine calculator only gives you an overview of a college, you should do your research, go on their official websites (Admission and Aid), or read students' reviews. The calculator automatically applies aid to their calculation but there's no filter for international students and there's no calculator similar to MyinTuition (that I know of) for international students either.

So far I have not seen any colleges that offer full tuition coverage for international students. Your best chance is probably applying to private not-for-profit universities where they have more funds to give out. Generally speaking, the aid would be very competitive and limited so only rely on the merit scholarships some schools (even public) offer. You should know that admissions are mostly need-aware for international students so this might lower your chance at admission.

Don't let this bring you down, however, if you put in effort, you may find external scholarships that would support your college journey a great deal. Hope that helped!

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