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Paying for College

How to get a full ride scholarship?

I am a incoming sophmore and I want to start applying for grants and scholarships but my dream school is NYU and you have to pay around 54,000$ yearly and I know I wont be able to get those 54,000$ so does anyone know anywhere where I can apply for scholarships? Or like anything like college preparedness advice? (I cant get a job yet I'm to "young" I'm only 15) please help

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9 months ago

There are some private scholarships you can apply to, but they are SUPER competitive if you're looking at anything that will be near a full-ride. Full-ride scholarships are almost non-existent in top 50-ranked colleges--but that's ok!! Rankings aren't everything. I'm currently in a similar position. Are you going into 10th or 11th grade? If a full-ride is necessary, make sure to study for the PSAT. Full ride to university of tulsa, almost full ride to Alabama, and I think Maine? Along with some others. Also important note-- full ride means everything is covered. Tuition, dorm, food always, sometimes even books and a stipend to travel/personal expenses. Those are very rare. There are a lot more full tuition scholarships, which will leave you with dorm, food, and anything else. That will usually be between $10 and $20,000. Also, check out the net price calculator at NYU. You might qualify for need-based aid. If you're like me and don't qualify for much aid but need a lot of scholarship money, let me know! But you may be surprised. If you have the stats to get in somewhere like NYU, you could get into a school that covers full tuition or even all expenses if your family makes under $100,000 or sometimes even $150,000. So just look and see! And if you don't get a lot of need-based aid, let me know and I can send you some of the big private scholarships (almost a waste of time tbh...) and some schools that give good scholarship money. I'm a rising senior so I'm doing all that right now! Good luck

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