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What category (merit or need based financial aid) does an offer appeal fall under?

Two college offers. Appealing aid at Univ of Delaware. Already appealed merit aid. FAFSA is no different and no true covid 19 circumstances can I still appeal need based aid for Fall? How do I ask for freeze on tuition and housing costs over the 4 years?

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Could you clarify your original question? It mentions 2 schools, but you only discuss one.

If your financial circumstances haven't changed, it's unfortunately unlikely that you'll be able to get more aid. The school also can't guarantee a freeze on tuition and housing, as those costs do tend to go up slightly each year. I wish I had better news for you - you can always try to ask for more aid, but just be aware that it's unlikely to be granted. If you've had a major accomplishment though (like a state or national award), this could help you get more merit aid.


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