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Paying for College

Any advice for what colleges I should look into?

I'm currently in my junior year of high school and I'm struggling to figure out how I'm supposed to pay for college. Based on my family's income, I would probably get minimal financial aid- but I don't think my parents will help pay at all. I'd like to go to a four year college, but I don't really know how it would be possible.

Are there particular schools that I should apply to that are more generous as far as scholarships or that are just more affordable? (I'm from California- I might be willing to go out of state but I'm guessing that will only be more expensive).

I have straight As (and have taken honors and AP), a part-time job, and will have played the violin in my school Orchestra for all 4 years by the time I'm a senior.

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3 months ago

I recommend applying to early action for these colleges (it’s non-binding) to be automatically entered into merit and academic scholarships. Also check out Bold.org.

4 months ago[edited]

Hi! I'd generally recommend a state school, like one of the CSU's. The UC's are also affordable and meet 100% of demonstrated need if your family makes less than $80,000. Also consider private schools with good financial aid, which can sometimes be cheaper than state schools. Also, check CA's student financial aid website for anything your family might qualify for as well, which is csac.ca.gov/financial-aid-programs.

Also Collegevine has a blog post which might be helpful: blog.collegevine.com/schools-that-meet-100-percent-financial-need

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