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Hi! I hope everyone's having a great day!

A bit about me so nobody's confused - I am a non-minority (white) female in 12th grade. I got a 28 on the ACT and have a 3.5 grade average, although it slips up sometimes.

Now, onto the dilemma. My parents earn enough money so that FAFSA gives us nothing, but, because of medical bills and housing things, we don't have access to all that money. Basically, I don't have enough cash to get all the way to college. My home state of Tennessee has a HOPE scholarship (aka free tuition) but that doesn't cover room, food, and all that other college stuff. I'm okay at writing essays, but I'm anxious about leaving this money up to chance. I'd prefer not to have student loans since my chosen career (criminology) is not 100% secure, from what I've researched, and I don't want to constantly have debt following me.

Any advice would be helpful - even if it is to tell me that I would never get anywhere and that I'll end up being a cook at Waffle House.

Thank you, hope you have a great day, and drink water!!

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I would consider attending a community college for two years and working part time, then transfer to a larger college. This will be significantly cheaper then attending the state college all 4 years.

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Have you applied for Fafsa yet? If not, you should still try it. Also, you can ask counselor for ways to lower the cost. I know a person in a similar situation but he told me that he was able to get two scholarships by asking the counselor. When you get into college, if you do well, you'll have the opportunity to earn more scholarships. You can also try getting a campus job or something like that. Make sure you apply to scholarships, you'll be able to get many of them. Get scholarships from local libraries, ask counselor for scholarships, and when you get into college, apply for more. It's not like the tuition that you have to pay once you enter college is fixed. A friend of mine was able to get full-ride in his junior year because she was excellent at studies. So I would strongly suggest applying for acholarships. Also, campus jobs can also help with time. Hope this helps!

13 days ago

I'm sure you're incredibly busy, but if you or your parents are particularly social, you can set up an Etsy!! Sell whatever you want, and your parents can network to their friends and send them your page. You should make a couple sales pretty quickly :) This is only if you have some sort of hobby that takes up a chunk of your time already, in my case that was drawing.

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