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How to stand-out to colleges if ACT score isn't good?

Hi, I've taken the ACT 4 times and still can't seem to get a 25. I am a high school senior, so time is quickly running out. Should I sign up to take the ACT again? Would it be worth it?

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5 months ago

Probably not, unfortunately. It really depends on the school you're applying to if they would accept that score but test-optional may be the way to go. Especially if you are applying to top schools with much higher acceptance score averages. I recommend focusing on getting good grades in the classes you are currently taking instead of spending so much time on the ACT. Standardized tests are not for everyone and it may be best to not cram another one in unless you think you cracked the code and will do amazing.

Hope this helps.

4 months ago

The best way to stand out to colleges (especially if your ACT score isn't the best) is to write a good admission essay, take Dual-Enrollment or AP Classes, and be involved with the school or community (ex. clubs, community service, volunteering, etc.) Especially since the majority of Universities this year are going test-optional (meaning you don't need to submit an ACT or SAT score to be admitted) you still have a chance to get into your dream colleges. Yes, it is still worth taking the ACT, and I would consider also taking the SAT. I say this because your ACT and SAT scores can improve the chance of getting great scholarships from either the college itself or your high school (or other scholarship websites). I hope this helps! If you have any questions about college admissions don't hesitate to ask! I have been admitted to a good few schools by going test-optional.

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