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What is the best way to get a sports scholarship?

Hi I´m trying to figure out how I would be able to get a scholarship into a university/college for my sports achievements because one of my dreams is to do sports at the college level so I would hopefully build a career that would allow me to compete on an Olympic level. My unweighted GPA currently is a 3.5 and I have done Track, Cross Country, and planning on doing basketball so I will be in the best shape all year round. But even the main sports I do, cross country and track, seem to have the least amount of coaches who are looking for student athletes who do those two sports.

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19 days ago

This is a very common question and in my opinion it depends on the collage you apply to and if they have a scholarship provided,if yes I suggest trying to contact a coach there that may assist you in getting a scholarship in your chosen field. I hope this helped! I’m very sorry if it didn’t and

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22 days ago

This question is hard to answer without knowledge of your current sports achievements. Are you already nationally ranked in your event in track or cross-country (or at least within the top 5-10 in your state)? Are you already in a development team with your country's junior Olympic team or a major sport company (eg. Nike's Elite program)? If so, ask the people there to help connect you with college coaches. If you are an Olympic-level talent as a sophomore, odds are that you have already been contacted by coaches/will be contacted very soon. Possibly speak with your coach about if programs have reached out to him expressing interest in you. Even if you do receive a scholarship, most track scholarships are partial, not full (even in D1 programs). Do you need a full scholarship? Generally, I would advise practicing and improving your results as much as possible to appeal to programs.

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