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Middle School

Hello, my name is Jiel and I am a middle school student. I want to attend a good high school, but I don't want to burden my parents with the expenses. I am determined to succeed in life, but I am unable to find any jobs until I turn 14. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. Have a great day!

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Hi Jiel,

My name iss Ima and I am a current high school senior who has been accepted to several colleges. You shouldn't worry about attending a private school for high school if it's not financially attainable. Instead, focus on becoming the best student you can be at whatever high school you enroll in. Taking a variety of challenging Honors and AP courses will help you get the best out of your education. Seek out extracurricular projects or make your own and do something to boost your community. Colleges look for students who take risks and challenge themselves no matter the school setting, and the school that sees you for the motivated student that you are will be willing to give you financial support in order to attend.

Best of luck!

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