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University of Washington OOS Tuition Help

Hey! I'm a junior in Florida whose almost ideal school is UW (Seattle campus). The only roadblock for me is the tuition price. I'm in a range where my family earns enough to not qualify for most financial aid, but not enough to cannot afford the tuition, and additionally I do not have much help from my parents in terms of savings (we have a very small account which could maybe cover housing for 1 year). I currently have fairly good academics and extracurriculars (4.0/4.5 GPA, president of several service and honors clubs, IB STEM HL classes, etc.), so what are my options for trying to get financial support? Thank you for reading and thinking about it!

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Check if the University of Washington has merit scholarships. With your GPA and all, you may qualify for some good sized scholarships. If your stats are above the school's average, they will offer you more money to attend their school (it raises their stats and looks great for the college). Also, don't give up on scholarships. Even after you graduate high school. All of the websites I suggested have scholarships for college students, and colleges have small scholarships you can enter during your time there. Just keep at it and you will see results!

Check out Fastweb, Scholarships.com, ScholarshipOwl, Scholarships360, Collegexpress, and other scholarship websites. My two tips: 1) Choose scholarships that require some work on your part. The one-click wonder no-essay scholarships are entered by everyone. You have a better chance of winning if you enter ones requiring essays, projects, pictures, even GPAs or transcripts. 2) Choose scholarships that fit your interest, talent, etc. There are specific scholarships for students interested in that field or a hobby. Some of the websites I just recommended (like Fastweb) take all your preferences, interests, and goals and then suggests related scholarships. Other times you have to search for them yourself. But it is worth it. Entering scholarships that are related to your interests/hobbies/majors/talents gives you an advantage. AND it becomes fun, not a burden! Just share your passion and it will go places.

Hope this helps and lmk if you have anymore questions!

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