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Paying for College

The University Of New Orleans

Hi, so I was recently admitted into UNO and I'm having a really hard time deciding wether or not to futher my educational career there. I would be getting in-state tuition. Ive been working really hard on scholarships and researching every way I could pay the costs. I love the city and the culture. My other option would be to stay home and do community college, which is cheaper but id have to alter my career choices a bit. My question is should I go after my dreams and listen to my heart to attend UNO or should I stay home get my 2-year then transfer, which m credit wouldn't transfer over so id have to find a different school. That option just comes with the sacrifice of missing out and the depression of being in my home-town.

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yes can have 2-year.

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First, pinpoint what is most important to you: the career you love OR less financial burden, and what each option could entail. If your biggest dream is to get married and have a family sooner in life rather than later, you will want to seriously consider how long term loans will affect that. Just think about if the experience/education at UNO will be worth paying off for years afterwards.

Other thoughts: Some colleges offer small scholarships during your education there. The school I will attend has lots of $1000 and $2000 scholarships I can apply for while I am studying there. Small scholarships can add up and make all the difference. Also, I know you said you have worked hard on so many scholarships- don't give up! There are so many scholarships that are for college students! Personally, I am convinced the scholarships for college students have less competition because college students have less time for applying. Keep trying every possible scholarship you match. I could give you a whole list of websites if you would like. Consistency is key. Applying to 2 scholarships a week is a great goal. Also, apply to scholarships that will have less competition. One-click wonders are great, so everyone applies to them. Your chances are 1 out of millions. Find scholarships specific to your interests, hobbies, demographics, talents, and major.

Don't give up. You can do this. If UNO is where you think you would thrive, it will work out and all this hard work will be worth it.

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