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Paying for College

Scholarships in Florida

I'm looking for scholarships in Florida since my parents don't have enough money to put me through college. I'm a first-gen student and I'm in 11th grade. I'm really interested in Neuroscience and I also want to be able to be the first one in my family to go a university. I consider myself a very average student. I got a 1170 on my SAT and a 28 on my ACT. I have a 3.4 GPA and other than babysitting, I don't have much extracurriculars.


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2 months ago

Hey :)

Some good sites for scholarships are RaiseMe, Scholarships.com, Scholarship Owl, Fast web, and College Xpress. RaiseMe is no-essay completely, but what colleges you’re looking at would depend on what’s available to you on there. With the others, find scholarships that require some sort of effort on your end (an essay, video, etc.); the one-click scholarships are a nice opportunity but I treat them as if I’m never going to win them, EVERYONE applies for them. Also, based on your ACT depending on where you go there may be a merit scholarship available (the college I’m planning on goes as low as 26). There are also grants available for being first-gen. There are fafsa’s to fill out in senior year that will determine how much aid you qualify for during your senior year.

If working is something available to you, that counts as an extracurricular and it’s nice to be able to save for future expenses. Otherwise, again if you have available time, try to volunteer at places like hospitals or health centers based on the career you want. During your senior year or over the summer, you can take AP or DE courses, and if you get good scores either on exams or the class itself it counts for some college credit, and it’s cheaper to take those classes in high school rather than waiting until you’re in college to take them.

There are also several accounts you can set up if you can save up a bit, depending on the length of time you’re able to leave the money in the account. An example of these includes CD accounts (a higher-interest savings account, but you must leave money in the account be for a while. Rules on these vary quite a bit).

Also, if all else fails, there’s always loans. It’s the last option but it’s there. I don’t know much about them so I can’t offer up much here, I just know they’re an option.

Good luck, I wish you all the best!

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