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International student applying in the states

So as an African student looking for us colleges is hard for me since our classes are kinda different and our grades are not graded the same way. In my school we do not have computer science extra curriculars[clubs, etc]. So when I was completing my profile it was kind of hard since I did not know what half of the terms meant. So I was wondering if there was any website or anything that can help me with my application and if there was anything i could do about my extra curriculars.

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Are you referring to completing your Collegevine profile or an actual college application?

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Some helpful links for you: scholarships360.org/college-admissions/international-students/



I hope some of this helps you. Do you have a high school counselor, advisor, or mentor who could help you with some of your class/grade questions? Also, I recommend looking into ways you can explore computer science online. If you do a lot of independent research/learning, you can count it as an elective credit. Also, you could start a CS club at your school! That would be a great way to act in leadership as well.

Hope this helps you and please lmk if you have any more questions. I will do my best to offer helpful advice.

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I would prefer you contact the college or the university and ask the information from the counselor. Some colleges have different criteria or accepting applications that might be graded differently. It would best you contact the university directly; it is not a must to set up your profile so it is completely alright if you do not understand what's going on. Wish you the best.

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