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Paying for College

Covered for College?

My family has been in the military for a while and my dad said that once I graduate, he'll apply his GI Bill for when I go to college, but will it cover everything I need? As someone who wants to go into an animal medical department, I'll have to be in school for at least 8 years minimum, and I want to be prepared to pay for anything I need to. How does the GI Bill work and how long will it last me? Thanks :)


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Hi! The G.I. bill is a LOT of information to cover. I took a look at the VA website but it is very confusing and has a lot of links so PLEASE take this info with a grain of salt plus it could change in the future.

To be able to transfer benefits, your dad must meet these requirements.

At least 6 years of service on the date his request is approved, and

He agrees to add 4 more years of service, and

The person getting benefits must enroll in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)

From the website: You may be eligible for help with the costs of housing, books, or supplies during your program, and you can also use transferred benefits for fees for national standardized tests and licensing and certifications. Additionally you can only use the benefits up until you turn 26 years old, and military members are only able to transfer 36 months of their remaining G.I. benefits.

That would theoretically only cover about 3 years of schooling. I HIGHLY recommend you ask your dad to get in contact with a representative from his branch of service to work out the specifics , but it sounds like you would have at least 5 years of education costs not covered, and I am not sure how much of housing, transportation, etc is covered by the G.I Bill for the three years that would be covered.

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