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Should I Continue With My Extracurriculars in High School?

I (soon-to-be 9th grade) will have to make the hard decision of quitting a few of my after-school activities in order to be able to have enough time to study for classes, but I don't know which ones to cancel. I have done Girl Scouts for 8 years, Swimming for 10, and Band for 3 years, but I have to quit one of them in order to have some time to study (I have heard high school is very strict with deadlines and grades, and I don't want to decrease my chances of getting into a good college by not following their standards or not studying for tests.) All my activities are dear to me and have a space in my heart, but I have to quit one of them in order to have time to study and pass my classes. What should I do?

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Hello, I am a rising 12th grader, and my best advice is always to put your work first. In life, we will make decisions and sacrifices that will seem unfair and cruel. But trust me GPA and classroom skills can be very important as they can boost your chances of getting into colleges and career fields that can meet your standards and further your potential. Highschool can be challenging but I recommend keeping swimming and band close. These two can pave the way financially and socially. Best of luck - Kaleb


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High School is nowhere near as hard as it's made out to be. As someone who just finished 9th grade, my 8th grade experience was so much harder it's actually hilarious. High school is really no more strict than middle school, it really just comes down to the teacher, and for the most part, I found the teachers who say "this won't fly in high school" to be so much harder than the actual high school teachers. Of course, nothing against those teachers, the difficulty from 8th and 7th is probably why I'm not struggling at all. I have a 4.0 (unweighted), 2 APs (pre-calc, i skipped a few years of math, and hg), and all my classes that can be honors are. If anything, dropping out of those clubs, especially swimming, is going to look worse for you when it comes time for college.

TLDR: It depends on your teachers, but generally, DON'T CANCEL!!!!


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High school may not be as strict as you think it is. It really depends on the area and your teachers; in all likelihood, if you can balance your current extracurricular activities and your current course load, you'll be fine in high school. However, this may also change if you do Honors or AP.

If you are worried about it, I would drop one and then re-access prior to Sophmore year, to see if you can pick it back up. As for which one, it depends on how passionate you are about each. If you are looking for the best for college, they are all very good and can get you good scholarships. If I were in your shoes, I would probably drop band - you have done it the least, and unlike the other two, you can continue to practice your instrument (provided you own it, and not the school) even while you're not in band, so if you choose to pick it back up, you won't have lost too much ability.

Again, in all likelihood you are more worried than you need to be. I'm sure you'll be okay. I found that High School was not as intense as I was expecting, even with AP classes and Honors English. However, it depends on your teachers. Reach out to your current guidance counselor, and ask if they know who will be your counselor in high school. Both counselors should be able to help you more accurately figure it out than people online, as they know your general situation better. Good luck!


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What are you most passionate about? Is there a specific extracurricular activity you enjoy so much that you would consider a related career? High school is a time to explore your interests and find out what you are most passionate about!


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