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Paying for College

Extra Side Cash || Not exactly on topic, but related (Sorry).

I am not looking for how to pay for university, I am just looking for some ways to make some extra money (in cash) on the side of being a full-time student in the school year, and a busy summer with fun plans. I just thought this would be the best community to ask this in, as I thought it was somewhat related (both money-related). I'm sorry if I made the wrong judgement.

Currently, I am in my summer between Freshman and Sophomore years (High School). I am in the Class of 2027, and have so far excelled in class, my lowest grade being Gym (93) and my highest APHG (99.6 rounded to 100), IM1B (101.5 rounded to 100), and IM1A (102 rounded to 100).

Do you have any ideas?

I don't want to take a regular, full-time job (at least until next summer), and have so far looked into two primary, favourite options, however, I am open to other suggestions.

1. Business-- It was suggested to me a few times that I start a business. I looked mainly into two business ideas, both purchasing something. One of them was to purchase and run a small hotel. The other option was to purchase a small, overseas car rental business (for sentimental reasons).

2. Paid Fellowship-- My school told me about a fellowship, the Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship. I applied to that, and was selected as a semi-finalist and was put through an interview before eventually being rejected. I looked into one other, for my state district court, however it is past the application period and I also am not a junior or a senior.

I would be interested in mainly anything related to politics, history, geography, international relations, or animals/dogs.

Thank You!

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First of all, this is a legit question I think all students should be asking themselves!

Second of all, your business ideas sound a little crazy for a high school student...unless I misunderstood and you are a college student. I do not doubt your capability and I appreciate your confidence but both sound like a big bite to chew...maybe more difficult than a full-time job!

I recommend thinking about starting a business from scratch. If you are in high school, you can do a micro-business. I recommend researching ideas, but some super popular ones are mowing/lawn services (for other seasons, raking leaves and snowblowing), baking, consistent babysitting (more like working as a nanny), and much more! It would be great to do something related to your passion, especially if you are in high school. This could benefit you and your college application in the long run.

Part-time jobs are always an option, tho it doesn't sounds as fun. You can also get really serious with scholarships- check out The Scholarship System on Youtube. Once you are really good at writing essays, you can keep applying and reusing what you have when it fits. Often, if you have more than what covers your tuition, the college will give the rest to you in a check to use however you want!

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for mentioning, I edited and clarified that I am a high school student, and I also edited one of my interests to say "animals/dogs".

My dad was the one who first suggested I start a business, and when I asked him about those ideas, he didn't think they were reasonable for me.

The micro you suggested, they sound like good ideas, but those wouldn't also be great for where I live. I don't know how to drive yet, and the area I live is a neighbourhood in a small, rural town.

Lawn/Raking/Snowblowing Idea: We already get lawn service, and we rarely get snow.

Babysitting: There aren't many kid-kids, the kids our neighbourhood has are in college, are old enough to be babysitters themself, or already have someone.

I was still thinking about getting a job at a local animal farm next summer, however I am still debating on that. Our summers are full of fun activities, and I don't want to negate those for a job that I don't need, but it would be nice for some extra money on the side.

I don't think a scholarship would be the best idea. As I said, I'm not looking to pay for college, rather to earn some extra side money for personal projects.

25 days ago

Have you considered pet sitting or dog walking?


12 days ago

hey! if you're a girl and looking to learn how to start your own business, we actually hosting a camp called Camp EntrepreneuHER teaching other young teen girls how to start their own business! you will be able to hear from many professors and experienced business owners and be able to be taken through the process step by step! if you are interested, you can use the link below to sign up and on the registration form you can find our website and socials. if you have any other questions, feel free to email us!



13 days ago

If you live in or near a higher end community, look on places like Facebook or Nextdoor for yard sales, estate sales, or swap meets. People in these areas are more likely to get rid of something without considering how much value it can have. Anything you find can usually be resold on eBay. Just by driving through these neighborhoods for 30 minutes on a Saturday morning, I've bought Apple computers, designer bags, and other expensive items for cheap that I was able to fix myself and turn a profit by selling on eBay. It's a pretty easy side hustle, and I've made several hundred dollars doing this over the past year!


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