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Paying for College

Where do I go for scholarships?


I'm running late in my senior year for scholarships. IDK where to look for them. Do any of you guys have any suggestions of where to look? I'm going out of state to college most likely to UCSD or UCLA if I get accepted. Tuition for those schools is too much... 60K+ (at least for me:|). It would be nice if I get some suggestion of where I can get a few scholarships, I can afford half of tuition fasho, but the other half gotta come from somewhere else. I might apply for FAFSA but I don't think imma get a lot since my family income, but who knows.

If anyone has a good suggestion please drop it down below.

Ur a real G for helping ya boi out.. fr thank you if do so


IK like I can't ask a question with my stats in the q's but if anyone needs them to know my qualifications for any scholarships lemme know in the comments

All imma say is i got a 4.23 UC weight gpa... UW for UC be like 3.9 or 3.95 (i think that pretty descent along with my activities and sports (all JV or above))

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Get in touch with your School Guidance Counselor for scholarships. If your state is lucky there will be opportunities to win scholarship money from contests. Your counselor might have info on that too or a College and Career Corner group (if your school has one). In my state of Florida I know there is more than 10 scholarship money contest. They said I can attend as much as I can (My mind wanted to try them all, but some were for Seniors only and I am a Junior) I was able to participate in one though, but hope it works out.

If this helped you, that is great and also good luck in future contests and getting your dream college. =)

Sorry if this was not helpful...

9 months ago

Hi. So there are two main sources of scholarships that you can get:

-The school itself

-Private scholarships

The school:

Many schools offer merit-based scholarships. These are based on your academic and extracurricular profiles. Some of these schools will automatically consider you for these scholarships when you apply for admissions (for some schools you will have to apply before a specific date, e.g. For USC you had to apply by Dec 1, even though their final deadline is Jan 15). You can also receive need-based scholarships (like the one from MIT) which you apply for by applying for financial aid and sending your financial documents.

Private scholarships:

Many companies and other establishments are also giving out scholarships, mostly based on merit. Some examples include Coca Cola Scholars Programs, Questbridge College Match, and Niche's monthly no-essay scholarships. You can find scholarships on a scholarship finder. Some good ones include Fastweb, Chegg, Bold, and Unigo.

You should also apply for FAFSA. You can still receive federal and state government grants.

Hope this helps.

9 months ago

Definitely get in contact with your school counselor. I know with my school, our website has a gigantic list of scholarships ranging from local to national. Also, there's some websites that are worth trying out, however, you have a much less of a chance of getting them. One is niche.com, which has a LOT of different ones, and you can sort based on location, grade, and other different things. Also, google searching scholarships for seniors, or scholarships for your state, are going to be pretty helpful. It's definitely going to be tough this late of year, but there should be some that are still open. good luck!

7 months ago

One website I highly recommend is bold.org; they have all sorts of scholarships, whether for high schoolers, undergraduates, and more. They also have scholarships year round so you’re likely to find something. Here’s a link:


Also, I’d recommend seeing if your current high school has any scholarships. For me, there are a bunch of scholarships offered locally to the students of my high school or in my district. Since it’s local, it’s easier to win. You can find out by asking your counselor or people specific to helping out for college (ex. At my school we have a college and career center).

Hope this helps!

7 months ago

1.) Cappex.com

2.) Niche.com

3.) ScholarshipOwl.com

4.) ScholarshipPoints.com

5.) Bold.org

6.) CollegeSimply.com

These are just some of the websites that I personally use to find scholarships. I also have an interest in UCLA (as well as Stanford and UC-Berkeley)! I can definitely relate to your issue in finding scholarships. I've applied to dozens of scholarships because I know the expensive price tag of an elite college, yet I've never won a single one. I hope you get lucky and win yourself a scholarship!

I also hope you get into UCLA or UC-San Diego.

7 months ago

I believe each state has a scholarship site, I've seen one for Washington and Oklahoma from here. I've also used bold.org, as well as tallo and fastweb!


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