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Williams, Dartmouth, Brown, or Cornell for finance?

If I want to get a job as an investment banker at a major bank, should I go to Williams, Dartmouth, Brown, or Cornell for undergrad? I know that Williams and Dartmouth don't have undergrad business schools and that they mainly teach economics, not finance, but I've heard that they both send a lot of students to major banks, especially Williams. Should I go to Brown or Cornell, which offer finance, or should I go to Williams or Dartmouth? Anything you know about these four schools would be immensely helpful. Thank you!

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Morgan Stanley heavily recruits at Baruch, NYU, Columbia and Rutgers. And JP Morgan loves NYU, Columbia, UPenn, Baruch, MIT, Harvard, UChicago in that order. If you are in Manhattan you will be better equipped to do network and be part of IB culture.


9 months ago

Goldman heavily recruits at Harvard, Cornell and Columbia


9 months ago

Hey @tennisplayer! First off, I wanted to let you know that we moved this discussion to our new "School List Suggestions" community - you'll be able to find it here going forward! Regarding your question, those are all amazing schools and any of them will set you up really well to pursue a job in banking. Also, studying either economics or finance will be totally fine. Between those four, I'd personally suggest picking the one that you feel like you'll be the happiest at so you can do well in your classes and extracurriculars. That will help you to (1) enjoy your college experience and (2) get a college internship your sophomore or junior summer at a major bank, which is typically important to secure a finance job directly after graduation.


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