7 months ago
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Where do I access the excel-sheet-format table for my personal college list on CV?


I was trying to build on to my college list on CV earlier today, and this was something that I noticed (I am not sure if it has been like this for a while). When I went to the Find Schools tab, all the colleges are listed in this organized table with stats like class rank, SAT/ACT policy, net cost estimate, and so on, and it is really nice! However, when I got to the My List tab, the list that I compiled don't seem to show up in that handy table format. Is this something that could be fixed or is it just on my end?

@name.fa7 months ago

If not in that handy table format, how does it show up for you?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@shridha7 months ago

Sorry I didn't see this earlier! it just appeared blank for a bit, but it's all fixed now :)

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7 months ago[edited]

Hey there! Go to your school list and change the view in the top right corner to “sheet view” - that will display your whole list in a table. From there you can edit your columns, add new data, and even create your own columns! Hope this helps!


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