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What is the difference between Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin? People have recommended to look at the colleges. As a student planning on entering STEM, which one would be the best to consider (if any)? If not, are there others small - mid size colleges in the New England area that I should look at?

I am also looking for a good college town setting with activities to do and focus on both academics and outside activities. Like a balance of academics and fun with a great community.


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9 months ago

Academically all three schools are great options for what you're looking for. They're all pretty prestigious, so I would recommend applying to some target and safety schools too just in case.

Pretty much everywhere in Maine has great outdoor activities too! Bates and Bowdoin are located in town, but Colby is a little removed. Bates and Bowdoin are also a little closer to Boston if you ever want to check out the city - I think you can get there in a few hours on the train.

Middlebury might be another good option to look at. It's a LAC in Vermont. They have their own ski mountain close to campus, and everyone is super friendly and outdoorsy there.


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