3 years ago
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What is a good time to start filling out applications for colleges?

I am in the 9th grade and I go to Mount Pleasant High School which is a public school.

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3 years ago

Hi there!! I'm so happy to see some freshman asking about colleges!

As for applying to colleges, you can not apply until your senior year but that shouldn't stop you from looking at your options. The earlier you start looking at campuses and different majors, the easier it will be your senior year.

Once you become a senior, start the Common App as soon as it opens which is currently August 1st. It allows you to start thinking about your college essays and helps manages your time better for when you start school because from personal experience, senior year will fly by. Beginning of senior year is also a great time to ask teachers for letters of recommendation!!

Hope this answers your question and good luck!! :)

3 years ago

Well applications for colleges would not start until you are in your last year of completing high school. Most of the times it is your senior year, sometimes it can be your junior year if you want the accelerated route and take a lot of classes during the summer, or a year after you graduate from HS because you take a gap year. Whichever option is going to be the route you choose, I would DEFINITELY recommend that you start as early as possible. When applications open in August, start planning on your essay. It is so draining to wait the week before applications are due (I did that). You do not have to necessarily start writing them but if you are a senior or graduating early, school is probably your top priority so get as much done in the summer so that you do not feel overwhelmed too. Also ask your teachers and counselors for recommendations early too! Right now, you can start building your list of colleges and start thinking about what you want to do in the future. I hope this answered your question!

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