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What are good schools to go for the performing arts ?

I'm an international student (from Brazil), hoping to get the best learning experience I can get in college, and even thoguh I've done my research, I still find myself quite confused on what really are and what makes the good schools that have Musical Theater or Drama programs.

Any help is welcome :)

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Here are some of the best Performing arts schools in the U.S. A lot of famous people have gone to these schools.

NYU Tisch School of the Arts—Drama and Dance

Carnegie Mellon University—Drama

Boston Conservatory—Dance

Yale University—Drama (MFA)

Yale University—Drama (MFA)

The Juilliard School—Drama and Dance

University of Southern California—Drama

University of Southern California—Drama

Syracuse University—Drama

Fordham University—Dance

Rutgers University—Drama and Dance


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