9 months ago
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I don't know whether to choose Saint Louis University or Indiana University Bloomington.

I want to become a physical therapist when I graduate from grad school, and right now, I don't know which undergrad degree I want to pursue. I got into Saint Louis University for Health Sciences and Indiana University Bloomington for Exercise Science. What do you guys think will be better for becoming a physical therapist? Tell me your reasons too. Thank you!

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9 months ago

I would go with IU because exercise science is similar to Kinesiology and you're going to be studying the mechanics of body movement which is more useful when becoming a physical therapist! Health science is a great major too but it really all comes down to which school you think is best for you! Good luck :)

🎤9 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah that’s what I’m leaning more on. However, if physical therapy doesn’t work out for me, I’ll have more job opportunities with a health science degree, that’s why I’m very stuck with my decision. Thank you for your insight!


🎤8 months ago

I ended up choosing IU Bloomington for anyone that wanted to know


8 months ago

This might not seem very helpful, but my brother goes to IU Bloomington and he says that the day-to-day college life there is AMAZING. Lot of people, Greek life, fun things to do in the area, great classes, etc.


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