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Schools similar to UNC, William and Mary, and Wake Forest?

I am currently a junior and I am trying to put together a college list. So far I have really liked UNC, William and Mary, and Wake Forest and I am trying to look for more similar schools to research. My stats are pretty good and I am willing to look at schools of all prestige and location.

Here's some more specifics about what I am looking for:

- Major: Business and Environmental Science/Policy (I am set on doing something in business - probably finance and I want to major or minor in some sort of environmental work, will most likely get an MBA or JD)

- I like the focus on students and the smaller class sizes W&M and WF provide but I am worried that I might find these schools a little too small or quiet

- I like UNC but I am worried it may be too "southern" which is not the overall type of school I am looking for

- I want to also look at schools on the west coast

- I also want to apply to at least one ivy just for fun - which is the best for what I am looking for?


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10 months ago

Hi! So if your looking for some schools in the VA/NC area, I have to reccomend Virginia Tech, University of Richmond, and for a Ivy, Cornell. Virginia tech is a awesome school for anything relating to the environment, but it's a huge school and might not fit the more focused education vibe you are looking for (I'm a little biased for VT, haha). University of Richmond is pretty small, but has a very energetic student body and is known for having good business, political science, and history departments. Cornell has the same reputation as UR when it comes to a good business school, and is a Ivy. Good luck and I hope this helps!


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