7 months ago
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Looking for schools similar to Dartmouth that would fall in the target/safety range

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone could suggest safeties/target schools that are similar to Dartmouth (specifically the "outdoorsy" vibe of Dartmouth, in addition to the good mix of high-quality education & social life it offers). For reference, I have a 4.0 & will be a full IB diploma candidate with decent extracurriculars...


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7 months ago

Here are some schools that remind me of Dartmouth but are slightly less competitive or prestigious.

Middlebury College in Vermont 15% acceptance rate

Bucknell University in Pennsylvania 34% acceptance rate

Kenyon College in Ohio 34% acceptance rate

Carleton College in Minnesota 19% acceptance rate

Williams College in Massachusetts 12% acceptance rate

Hope this helps!


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