3 years ago
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What schools that are similar to Rice should I look into (safety-target-reach)?

I am a current high school junior who has been developing their college list for quite a while now. I've got it down to 16 schools (plus one international school), but am still in the modifying process. Rice University looks perfect for me, but there is a high chance I won't get into the school ED. What other schools share similarities with Rice?

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3 years ago

Hey! If you're into the small size for Rice, I would consider looking into UChicago (small undergrad population), Emory, and Tufts. I would say these are both reaches. For matches, I would recommend Bucknell and Lehigh (both campus schools with a relatively small undergrad population). For safeties, I would recommend the University of Rochester (also small undergrad program in a campus setting).

3 years ago

I don't honestly know a lot about the logistics of what you're looking for, but I'll certainly try to help from an academics stand-point... I was really interested in the engineering and chemistry programs at Rice, and I think Carnegie Mellon is the 'Rice' of Pittsburgh... Really similar campus look, though its smack-dab downtown, and its chemistry and comp sci programs are great... A more specific engineering school is GIT or otherwise, but that has a different campus feel and they prefer in-state kids. Other underrated schools include UT Austin, UCSD, and UIUC as potential matches/safties with good overall programs. Reaches are probably Northwestern... Maybe check out U-Toronto if financials aren't a big prob and your willing to go overseas since they are a top institution!

Word of advice: I recommend going for all the reaches you want (those schools are as confused as other colleges this year), but make sure you apply to at least 3-4 schools you'd be "OK" going to with >50% acceptance rates... 2021-22 is likely going to be as messy as it is for the COVID-kids this year... Hold hope for Rice still!

Good luck!

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