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School List Suggestions

Looking into the University of South Florida for Bio. What kinds of schools should I look into? (Target-Reach-Safety)

On April 5th, I will be taking a campus visit at the University of South Florida. My ideal location is in the south on the east coast. While I love USF, I need to look into more colleges like it for a variety.


Junior Class of 2022

GPA-3.96 weighted (60 Dual Enrollment credits earned before graduation)

SAT-1050 (retaking)

Extracurriculars- Pres/Founder of Solanco Best Buddies, Pres/Founder of Adopt-A-Solanco Senior, Pres/Founder of initiative to give back to local Veterans, Captain of Link Crew Club, Team Lead of Rachel’s Challenge, Tim Tebow’s “Night To Shine” Buddy Leader, Ophelia Day Buddy Leader, Class of 2022 Class Representative, Member of NHS, 2020 Central PA HOBY Alumni, 2021 Synapse Summit Alumni, 3-Year Varsity Wrestling, Solanco Blood Drive Volunteer, HS Peer Tutor TPTW Stock Shareholder, Member of Conowingo Baptist Church.

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3 years ago

First of All, I just congratulate you on all the work you've put into your grades and extracurriculars during high school! If you want to include what major or area you are interested or even the size of school as that can help narrow down schools, but here are some schools I would look into:

Stetson University (Rolling Admissions, so you'll hear back within a couple weeks to a month!)

University of Virginia (Probably a reach especially out of state)

Auburn University

Baylor University

Furman University ( I think this is a liberal arts school)

University of South Carolina

3 years ago

Wow you seem to be a very decorated student. One school that I would definitely advise you to apply to is Case western reserve. Although my requirements aren’t as good as yours I would assume this would be a target school for you. Another university you could shoot for is John Hopkins. It may be a reach but those two schools are absolutely wonderful for biology. As a reach school I would definitely say University of Washington Seattle. This school is a research school but I believe that it would be a great safety school for you.

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