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What are good colleges for both Business and Spanish?

I am planning to be at least a double major in business & entrepreneurship and Spanish. What colleges have really good programs for both of these majors?

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10 months ago

A simple suggestion off the top of my head: I believe a lot of Florida schools have great business fields and Spanish majors, simply because the Spanish-speaking population in that state is so great. In fact, from the source—(https://www.bestcollegereviews.org/top/online-executive-mba-programs/)—Florida State University is ranked “second” for best online MBA programs.

Though not to segregate Florida, a lot of other schools have great Business & Entrepreneurship programs, it’s just that a large portion of their community is Spanish speaking.

And another piece of advice, I’d place more emphasis on finding the best business school that you can because almost all colleges offer Spanish; and a Spanish major at Harvard can do about the same as a Spanish major at your local community college. Only difference being in how deeply it is studied (cultural, historical, political, etc. emphasis), but the outcome remains the same—you can speak it.

Hope this helps somewhat


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