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I can't decide what College I want to go to, I want to either major in Criminal Justice or Cyber Security.

Does anyone have a good suggestion for college, Im located in texas but I'm okay with any country that speaks english.

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What was your ACT score and what is your GPA?

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3 years ago

Hey there! I was interested in Forensic Science/Criminal Justice too, so I can give a few examples for great programs for that major specifically. Hopefully another user can help with Cyber Security.

For in-state schools, Texas A&M has a great Criminology and Criminal Justice program. They also have a great Forensics program if you're interested. I have also heard great things about Texas Christian University and University of Texas at Arlington.

For some out-of-state schools, UC Irvine has a great Criminology program, San Diego State and San Jose State both have great Criminal Justice and Forensic Science programs, and John Jay CUNY is also a great option based in New York.

However, there are a lot of factors you want to consider when choosing colleges beyond choosing ones that offer your major or are great in academics specific to that major. Consider the cost of attendance, size and teacher-to-student ratio, clubs and organizations offered, and possibilities of internships or experience while attending college. It would be a good exercise to kind of list out all the factors you should consider when applying to college and ranking them for yourself to see what's most important to you, and then conduct your research on college websites, Niche, by talking to peers or teachers, and more. You should also aim to have a certain amount of "safety" schools, "reach" schools, and "target" schools based on your extracurricular activities and academic performance throughout HS. I hope this gives you a good starting point!

3 years ago

If you want the best of both worlds and go for double majors or a "hybrid" of the two, I highly recommend checking out UCs, Johns Hopkins, and Brown. The last two are reaches for anybody, but offer well-rounded programs in anything and have "open cirriculums" where you can skip gen-ed credits and have an easier time with double majors! I personally enjoy history and biology so those are the types of schools I applied too as a generally indecisive person ;)

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