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Great Lakes Meteorology Schools

Hey all,

I'm just wondering what are a few good schools offering Atmospheric Science/Meteorology degrees in the Great Lakes region? (IN, IL, MI, KY, OH) I have a short list of a few so far but I'm really having trouble finding the pros and cons of each college's program other than costs. If anyone can help point me in the right direction, that would be appreciated! My SAT was 1170 and my gpa is around 3.6, so if that marks any colleges out of my range at this point, please let me know, thanks!


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8 months ago

Purdue University and Ball State University in Indiana offer some type of meteorology education! Purdue has an acceptance rate of around 60% from what I’ve found and Ball State has a 77% acceptance rate. The average SAT and GPA from Purdue is 1190-1440 and 3.69. Ball State’s are 1080-1240 SAT and 3.5 GPA. (I found this info online) Hopefully that gives you some options! :)


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