9 months ago
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Forensic Psychology Programs

I am interested in going into Forensic Psychology. Do you know of any programs pertaining to this subject?

@benny9 months ago

me too :)

[🎤 AUTHOR]@emlb9 months ago

haha! how’d you discover that you wanted to go into forensic psych?

@benny9 months ago [edited]

@emlb. Well, It is a mixture of Law and Order SVU. Also like this may sound weird but I love to learn about cults and serial killers. And when I was young I would always ask my self how do dose people think. What about you?

@benny9 months ago

@emlb I either want to be a forensic psychologist or something in the criminal justice field. I want my life to be full of action. Not a office job and if it is a office job it has to be something awesome!

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8 months ago

I know Purdue and John jay college have good programs but it also depends where you want to study and possibly work because it might be easier to network at John Jay since it’s in New York and you can possibly intern at the NYPD.

8 months ago

maybe john jay college in new york? i’ve been thinking of studying forensic psychology there myself hahhaa

9 months ago[edited]

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