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I'm looking for a women's college that offers behavioral neuroscience, neuropsychology, or a good psychology program. I'm heavily considering Bay Path University in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, but I would love some more suggestions. Thanks!

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6 months ago

One great women's college that I haven't seen anyone mention is Barnard college in New York City. They have programs in both Neuroscience and Psychology, as well as providing access to some of Columbia University's resources. It's very selective, however, so it might make for a good reach school.


6 months ago

There's Smith College in Northampton MA that has really good reviews.

6 months ago[edited]

I would second this. Smith offers both a neuroscience and psychology program. You can also create your own interdepartmental major which would probably work well for neuropsychology: https://www.smith.edu/about-smith/class-deans/student-designed-major.

Plus, you're already looking at schools in western mass and Smith is only about 25 minutes from Bay Path. While I didn't attend Smith I did grow up in Northampton so I've been around the campus quite a bit. It's nice and there is plenty to do in Northampton and the surrounding areas. Smith also offers a 12-college exchange program so you could take classes at Wellesley College like @zpx3 mentioned. Here's some info on that: https://www.smith.edu/about-smith/class-deans/studying-elsewhere

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I'm not sure which range of colleges you're looking at but Wellesley College in Massachusetts has an awesome psychology program:



6 months ago

This website has a listing of all women's colleges, and you can filter them by what majors they offer! https://www.womenscolleges.org/colleges?field_college_areas_of_study_tid%5B0%5D=211 There are several women's colleges in Massachusetts, like Wellesley, Smith, Bay Path, Simmons, and Mount Holyoke. Plus, if you want to be in New England in general, there are even more options! Niche has lists of women's colleges in different states, so I would suggest checking that out. USA Today's college ranking is great, too, because it has plenty of filters and ranks colleges by major. Good luck!


6 months ago

The best women's colleges for science-oriented students are Barnard (it has the resources of an Ivy-League and big research institution with lots of one-on-one help), Wellesley (great alumni network, great undergrad program, open to all of Boston's resources), and Smith (great alumni, mentors, and curriculum).


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