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Hey everyone. I'm looking for a music program similar to Syracuse's Bandier Program, that combines music production, marketing/business, and overall abilities to enter the music industry. Any alternatives?

@Donovan_Little039 months ago [edited]

Can I join you? Lol. I write my own music, and I would love to one day go into the industry. Let me know what you end up finding!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Caio_M9 months ago

No proper answers so far lol. Probably will have to search by myself, school by school. I also write my own music. I feel like Syracuse’s Bandier Program would be the perfect fit for me because it provides not only musical but also business knowledge; it gets you ready to enter the industry. But Syracuse is sooo expensive and I’m an international student, which makes it worse. I'll keep researching and will try to tell you if I find something. Tell me if you find too!

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9 months ago

Take a look at Belmont University in Nashville. One of my high school friend’s daughters who is very involved in music enrolled there. It seems to offer quite a bit.

9 months ago

Here is a link that I found hopefully it answers your question.



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