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School List Suggestions

What are the best school for criminology?

I am looking for a:

1. Cheap (For out of state student)

2. Test Optional or Open Admission

3. Public

4. Has the option for double major or dual degree

5. It does not take long to get the degree

These are what I want in a college that allows me to major in criminology.

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6 months ago

If you use the filters in hub for criminology and public schools, you'll get 38 options, and you may be able to pare down the list further through some research! We also have this list of the best schools for criminal justice (not quite the same thing, but pretty similar): https://blog.collegevine.com/best-colleges-for-criminal-justice/


6 months ago[edited]

The University of Tennessee in Knoxville has an EXCELLENT criminology program! It's a test-optional public university that has the option to double major! They have bachelor's (traditional 4 years) or associate's (2 years) options. The best part? The forensic anthropology center, nicknamed "the body farm". It's one of the only schools in the US that has one. They have forensic analysis classes that utilize real cadavers that are donated to the University. It's absolutely fascinating and I believe that they have internships for high school students. You can visit their website here: https://fac.utk.edu/ Although a bit pricey, they readily dole out scholarships, especially for academics and athletics. They also have a list of flagship high schools whose students receive a full-ride if they are accepted. You can find a list of eligible schools here: https://onestop.utk.edu/scholarships/tri-star-scholarship-program/#flagship I would strongly suggest UT. Good luck with your search!


6 months ago

there's john jay college of criminal justice in new york. it's pretty cheap and not hard to get into.


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