6 months ago
School List Suggestions

What are the best undergraduate schools for pre-med/health studies?

I am looking for more options online about schools that are not highly selective, but still pre-med and health studies.

Preferable In-State (Indiana).

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6 months ago

It really depends if you want in-state or out-of-state and what state you are looking for. However, here are some universities with good pre-med programs and are selective (but not ivy league).

1. Wake Forest

2. Boston College

3. Boston University

4. George Washington University

5. University of Michigan

6. Virginia Commonwealth University (University as a whole not that selective but the pre-med program itself is amazing)

7. Northeastern University


6 months ago

Well, it's not in-state but Emory is good for pre-med, they also have a CDC internship available to students.


6 months ago

Not in-state but if I remember correctly UChicago has a decent program


6 months ago

The university of Iowa and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are both really good state schools relatively close to Indiana that have good pre-med programs and they aren’t hard to get into. I also know that UNL has a program that brings the cost down for out of state students if you have good grades and test scores!


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