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What can I do to boost my extracurriculars?

I don’t know how competitive my extracurriculars are and if you had any tips. I am co-president of the speech and debate team, co-president of Maker Club (STEM), and I am in the highest concert and jazz bands at my school. I also have volunteered 150+ hours at city summer camps and the public library.

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As a current Junior

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Hey! Knowing your grade would be better to help you.

Freshmen/Sophmore: All your ecs are great, and if I were you, I would try hard to win a speech/debate competition and get placed at least the state level. Using your maker club as an utility, I would also try to enter STEM competitions: https://cty.jhu.edu/resources/academic-opportunities/competitions/science.html (I have linked resources here).

Junior: I would try to host a Maker Club event because that seems the best thing to do in a short time. I would also look for any competitions happening before the school year starts for STEM to hopefully win and put as an EC. For speech and debate, maybe try and reach out to younger students who need speech therapy or just want to learn about speech and debate in general and host a camp over the summer.

3 years ago

How competitive would vary from school, meaning how important they are in their criteria. As a whole I think you have great ECs! If your targets are Ivys I would try to get an even higher leadership position or stay in leadership roles for as long as possible. I don't know your grade level but even for a junior that is pretty good as they seem to encompass a variety of your interests.

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