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Does applying for summer internships and research projects help, and if so where can I find info on it?

I’m interested in business/tech internships. Also what about volunteer hours? Is there a good way to incorporate my interestists into those as well?


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6 months ago[edited]

I think it depends on the summer internships and research projects if it helps your college admission chances. If you walk away with it with knowledge, then yes, but if you only run errands and make coffee, no. There is no harm in applying, especially if this is a field you want to work in and want experience in. There are many websites you can apply for internships like InternQueen.com,LookSharp.com,Internships.com and WayUp.com. Also, getting a job over the summer can help because it shows colleges you are responsible and a hard worker. You can also always volunteer in the field you would like to work in or go to summer camps in that field. Lastly, you can always try and get certifications for business and tech, which can help you get part-time jobs. For more information, I love the website https://www.thebalancecareers.com. They give great advice and information; also, ask your counselor they are a fountain of great information and advice. I hope this helps!!! :)

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6 months ago

Maybe consider the MIT Beaver Works Summer Program(tech/computer science program)? Or you could try the VBC Knowledge matters 5k scholarship summer competition. Bassically, there are many different things you could do in the summer, but I would recommend doing what matters the most to you, also volunteer hours really don't benefit you much(since many people nowadays have them) so I would recommend not to spend much time on them unless you are volunteering at a place of passion for you. There are also many google, microsoft tech companies that have internships to.

Thank you, hope it helps!


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