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I am a sophomore in high school and I am not doing many extracurriculars. My grades are average and I don't really stand out so I was wondering what I could do during my junior and senior years to boost my college admission application. I also am not in any leadership positions in the 3 clubs I am in on and off.

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3 years ago

Hello there! Here are some options:

- join a sports team (in school or outside of school)

- join a service club

- join a special interest club (eg. debate, robotics)

- research local organizations to volunteer at long-term

- self-study a language you're interested in

- create your own club about a specific interest

- get more involved in your current clubs (You can show leadership w/o any official position! For example, propose an advocacy initiative or volunteer activity, and then take charge of organizing it. Just shoot an email to your club officers with a preliminary plan and outline what you will do and if you need them to do anything)


3 years ago

Hi! To get colleges to notice you, I think you should have at least 2 extracurricular activities. You could join sports and clubs. You could even create a club or sport by reaching out to friends and teachers. People I know have created badminton teams and cultural clubs in my high school and that has helped them with the admissions process. You could possibly even take summer courses at your top colleges and work closely with the professors there to get noticed early on. You should definitely try to tutor or volunteer or get an internship because that speaks to your work ethic and effort. As for joining clubs, you should join major clubs in your school, for example, in business you might join Investment Club.

In addition to extracurriculars, you should also get a head start on SATs or ACTs, college essays, and visiting colleges. Find the top 3 schools that are the best fit for you and figuring out what those institutions seek out of their students. Once you know that, join the activities and clubs that help you become the best possible version of the college's ideal student, which will make you noticeable.

However, if that college happens to deny you admission after everything you've done, don't think your not good enough. You reaching out on this platform, wanting to improve your chances says a lot about you.

I hope these ideas help! Good luck in junior and senior year!!


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