6 months ago
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Anyone know what I should apply for at University of Michigan

I'm really trying to decide if I want to apply to Michigan to be in the Chemical Engineering (College of Engineering) program or in just the Chemistry (LSA) field. Anyone with any info please help!

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6 months ago

With Michigan, it’s very hard to switch into an engineering degree. So if you apply for LSA and get in and at some point decide to switch to engineering, there are extra classes you’ll have to take and you’ll have to wait longer to declare your engineering major. I believe it is easier to switch from engineering to LSA if you aren’t completely sure which one you want. I’d suggest doing more research about the specific programs before making a decision.

6 months ago

I’d also suggest researching potential jobs from a chemistry degree and from a chemical engineering degree. Some companies also may prefer an engineering degree over just a chemistry degree


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