3 years ago
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Possibly Changing my Major

I am a highschool senior who has already accepted my offer for a health program but now I am considering changing my major although I have not started yet. Should I wait for the first term and then change or just try and switch now?

Stay in what I am already in
Change now!
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3 years ago

My bestie was in a similar situation a few weeks ago. My advice was this. If you can leave after you begin then I would stay and see how it goes for a bit. Afterwards if you still have doubts then look into other majors and options. That way you don't have it looming over your head of what it I stayed or didn't. Reach out to your advisor or counselor, i'm sure lots of others felt similarly to you so they can help you figure it out. Best of luck!

🎤3 years ago

Oh thank you! Glad to hear Im not alone in this


3 years ago

I don’t know exactly how your school’s curriculum works, so I can’t give full advice saying do this or that, but I can offer probable insight. In some institutions, first-year students don’t even take any courses related to their major (just the foundation, the CORE of the university’s education). If your school operates something like this, then I suggest staying in your major now and switching later.

Meanwhile, if your college (mostly Ivy+ schools) offers exposure to introductory courses related to your major in your first year (and your desired major is drastically different), then I’d consider discussing it with your admissions counselor so that they can come up with a plan. But still, it probably won’t be done instantly, you’ll get to choose classes soon (if not already).

Either way, I think I would ask you admissions counselor to know how the process of switching majors works so that it’s one less thing to lose sleep over. Hope this helps!!

🎤3 years ago

Thank you so much for your insight! Its greatly appreciated


3 years ago[edited]

I say why not try both you can have the health major but either minor the 2nd thing you want to do or have it as a 2nd major that way if health does fit you, you can drop the class and just major in the 2nd option and minor in something else hope that helps. And whatever your decision is just stick to your gut and your brain good luck with college.


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