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Hey guys, what is the difference between a Bachelor of Arts(B.A) and a Bachelor of Science(B.Sc.) ?

I'm an international senior looking for universities offering a major in Genetics, but I found some of the schools offer a (B.A) Genetics course. This confuses me because Genetics is a biological/health/ life science, so if I get BA in Genetics, can I still use my degree to get into a research facility? It would be great if you guys have a better understanding than I do! If you do please share your thoughts!!

Thanks (:


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BA focuses more on liberal studies like literature, social sciences, history, communications, humanities, and foreign languages. You'll experience a more diverse education through classes related to all these topics. BS focuses on more specialized major courses, with more problem solving and analytical thinking. BS often requires more credits and allows you to explore fewer other classes you find interesting.

I couldn't find anything specifically about a BA vs BS in genetics, but for BA vs BS in biology or psychology, most people who plan to earn graduate degrees or do research earn a BS. However, you can still do research with a BA, your courses will just include a combination of scientific courses and liberal arts courses. If you don't like the BA course plan, you could find a similar degree, like a BS in biology.


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