9 months ago
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Do you think going test optional will minimize your college options?

Many colleges and universities are offering students the ability not to take the SAT/ACT. Do you think not providing a score will minimize your chances of acceptance?

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9 months ago

hey, I don't think it directly minimizes your chances. but since college selection is mostly comparing students' profiles it gives colleges less information about your academic profile that they can directly compare with other profiles. Although this is not a problem if you make up for it by having a good GPA, AP exams, honors classes, etc to show your academic strength keep in mind that in highly competitive school most people submit this information along with having a good GPA, etc so having a strong standardized exam score it helps colleges easily distinguish between profiles. overall not having them does not decrease your chances but having good standardized testing scores definitely increases them, hope this helped


9 months ago

It is one less requirement and it allows colleges to find different requirements for applicants that may better reflect the kind of person the applicant is.


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