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Confused on where I want to go for college

What is the best colleges to choose from if you want to go into something like real estate or be a realtor or something in that field?

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6 months ago

A good college to attend to would be a business-oriented college (finance, accounting and business administration are also majors to consider). Some colleges might not have what you're looking for (aside from major) so do some research on them but here are some non-ivy recommendations:

Boston college (marketing)

University of North Carolina (finance)

University of Michigan (marketing)

New York University

Bentley University (accounting)

Emory University (finance)

University of San Francisco (marketing)


MIT (finance)

University of Pennsylvania (accounting)

Hope this helps!

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Most colleges have a major or minor specific in real-estate.but after some research, i would say the University of Alabama, University of Central Florida, University of Georgia, the University of Texas in Austin, New York University,University of South Carolina, and University of Southern California.


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I think that somehting that would affect your experience almost more than the program itself is the location. It would probably be beneficial to go to school in a city with many housing styles so that you could learn be experience as well as in the classroom.

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Yeah I'm thinking about going to a college in my state


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