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How do I decide?

For a long time I thought that I knew what I wanted to do/study when older but now I'm having doubts. My first career path was medicine (specifically a surgeon) but then the idea of becoming a literature professor became more and more attractive. I still have some time to decide (I'm barely a junior in high school) but I don't know how to pick because I think I'm equally interested in both, any recommendations?

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I agree with everything Eric B said, he had some great advice. I’d also take into consideration if you can handle the time requirements of becoming a surgeon. I know residency to become a surgeon can be very demanding. Think about how this would affect your family if you plan to have one.

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Thank you!

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Yes, I know the feeling. I recommend you do a deep internal reflection on what pulls you toward each career. Know that at around your age, you may see or experience some things and quickly decide it would make a good career. What I mean is, did you want to become a literature professor after reading a good book or going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole or after years of reading and analyzing literature? Here is a parallel to your situation: a basketball player who played since he was very young or viewed the game as an art, or one who began playing after seeing ankle breaker highlights. Know that you can always have hobbies in your life. Although you're barely a junior, the time is already somewhat tight for you to decide, as the surgeon pathway is much more competitive than others. Also, know the cost of becoming a literature professor. A PhD from any respectable college isn't cheap, and literature professors don't get paid comfortably, to say the least. When deciding between the two, think about which field your skills will have the most impact in.

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