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I’m want to look for good schools in the US that offer neurology as a major. Not exactly the top schools because my grades aren’t A+ and i’m not submitting sat scores either.

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3 years ago

I have been looking at good schools for a neurology major and I think University of Pittsburgh is good. I like research and they have really good research programs. It is not too expensive and plus they have a high acceptance rate. It is always a good idea to think about getting an Associates degree (Basic classes for all undergraduates, 2 years) at a in-state college to ease into college life, meet new friends, and of course the cost would be lower. Once getting enough credits, you can transfer to a good school and it is easier to get in because you have more experience. Just wondering, what about Neurology interests you?

3 years ago

Answering your question, here are a couple of good (considering major only) colleges that have neurology (sort of competitive):

The University of Scranton - Pennsylvania

Rhodes College - Tennessee

Lawrence University - Wisconsin

Drake University - Iowa

St. Lawrence University - New York

Something important to remember when deciding majors is that different paths might lead you to the same place. If you want to be a neurologist; based off your major request, other majors (chem, physics, pre-med or adv. math) are also good to consider (all rigorous). The majority of good neuroscience schools require SAT/ACT scores and a high GPA. Do not get discouraged though! Hope this helps :)

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